Making Custom Popsockets Using Your Cricut

Part of the fun that comes along with owning a Cricut is personalizing anything and everything! I couldn’t find a cute phone grip that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg so I made my own. Here’s how I turned a boring black Popsocket into something a bit more me.

What You will Need:

A Blank Popsocket
120 Grit Sand-paper
Paints and Paint Brush
A Ruler
Mod Podge
A Cricut Machine
Vinyl and Transfer Tape
A Weeding Tool

How to Customize Your Popsocket:

1. Using 120 grit sand-paper, lightly sand your phone grip to prepare the surface for painting. Once you have finished sanding, wipe away all of the sanding particles.

2. Paint the entire surface with thick paint. I’ve used wall paint but heavy body acrylic paint will also work. Let it dry and add another coat or 2 if necessary.

3. Have some fun and add some splatters! I’ves used some more house paint and a bit of ink for this.

4. Measure the diameter of your phone grip and open Cricut Design Space. Make a circle with the same diameter. Upload and/or insert your design and use the circle as a guide to size your decal. You don’t want your design too close to the edge so leave a little room. When you are happy with your design hide the circle and make your decal.

TIP! Simple designs work better as you will be cutting this reasonably small.

5. Carefully weed your decal and use some regular transfer tape to transfer from the backing paper to your popsocket.

6. Apply a thick block of Mod Podge. Rotate your phone grip so the Mod Podge spreads and covers the whole surface to the edge. Apply more if necessary. Then let it dry and set for at least 24 hours or until the Mod Podge has turned clear.


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